Spec Check

While competitive tendering always has its place in driving down cost, greater gains are to be made through the effective application of packaging materials and pack design.

Ever improving performance of modern packaging materials and manufacturing processes enable end users to re-evaluate ‘legacy specifications’ to realise not just significant cost savings but reduce environmental impact through recyclability and reduced carbon footprint.

As your design partner (rather than materials supplier) we offer a unique service encompassing a review of all your packaging specifications and applications. Identifying the best material specifications from the wider market, together with validated packaging performance and conformance. Enabling you to confidently update ‘legacy specifications’ and realise financial and operational benefits.

When combined with palletisation optimisation giving significant reductions in both storage and distribution costs Spec Check could result in significantly reduced costs and increased margin to your business.

Send us your ‘Spec Check’ challenge and see what savings your business can achieve!

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